Skip The Funktologist

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Skip The Funktologist “A Funk Above The Rest” – I have been a fan of music ever since my mother’s womb. My interest in radio was jump-started after a buddy of mine and I hosted a children’s reading show on Radio Disney. We did that for a year until Disney decided to shut down its radio network. I came up with an idea for a music radio format while traveling from gig to gig. I approached several commercial stations about giving my idea a chance. Both stations told me very respectfully there was no market or interest in the type of show I wanted to do. Of course, I knew they we’re out of touch and stuck in corporate thinking. I went to a public nonprofit station, they listened to my presentation, and allowed me to host my show A Funk Above The Rest. I began the show Jan of 2006 and was there till July 2012. The rest, as they say, is history. The Show has been a huge success! Its heard around the world on various digital networks. I decided to pursue streaming digital networks to broadcast my show, which has now garnered a worldwide audience. So I now host on several stations. I also sub as a TV host for the TV Show “Funk Chronicles” filmed in Dayton OH. On my shows, you can expect to hear old funk, new funk, and everything in between the funk!

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