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DJ DYMOND KUTZ – DJ Dymondkutz known as one of the most revered mixologists of the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia) scene in his league. Mixologist aka Everett Willies has made it his destiny to share mixes and blends with a global growing audience. As a respected DJ, his artistry has kept listeners on the pulse of the hot DMV scenes with parties and live mixes. Music has always been Dymond’s passion from a very young child. He lavishes in doing quality live mixes on the turntables to all types of genres, wanting to satisfy his clients and making sure they’re having a good time with upstanding quality service. With 30 years of experience as a musician, Dymond’s signature style of mixes, blends, and mashups, is what makes the crowd get pumped! offering a high demand for cravings and services. Dymondkutz is also known for pioneering the deep house/club bass scene sounds that have grown exponentially in recent years. Now he is continuing in that good form; continuing to create extraordinary mixes & blends that wows the crowd! Continuing to confound expectations, by mixing together exciting elements from a range of musical movements. Opportunities are not given but created! One go! We all go to the top~ Dymondkutz

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